A Day to Impress National Grid

July 16, 2015

A Day to Impress National Grid

Innovative WASK and Sperryn products were included at a showcase event for National Grid.

Single Hole Flow Stopping Equipment, the Riser and Lateral System and Insulated Emergency Control Valve (ECV) were presented at the event, held by the Energy & Utilities Alliance with National Grid for the Network Engineering & Equipment Group (NEEG). The aim was to help remove the barriers facing members in delivering innovation and best practice to National Grid.

Marc Hough, Sales Director – Utilities, said: “This was a superb event which gave us access to key innovation decision makers within National Grid and gave us further insight into NIC* and NIA** funded innovation opportunities. The breakout session on IP and innovation funding was invaluable.”


  • Single Hole Flow Stopping Equipment provides benefits aligned with RIIO objectives. The new two bag deployment system offers environmental and safety benefits as well as reduced excavation work.
  • The Riser and Lateral System significantly reduces installation time and has demonstrated savings of around 50% compared to an all steel system. It is also corrosion resistant, lightweight and maintenance free.


  • The BSI kitemarked Insulated ECV is maintenance free, fire resistant and has a patented internal self-sealing mechanism.

Key National Grid decision makers from Operations, Policy, Procurement, Asset Strategy and Legal (Intellectual Property) attended the day.

*Network Innovation Competition (NIC) - The Gas NIC is an annual opportunity for Gas network companies to compete for funding for the development and demonstration of new technologies, operating and commercial arrangements. To read more please see https://www.ofgem.gov.uk/network-regulation-riio-model/network-innovation/gas-network-innovation-competition

**Network Innovation Allowance (NIA) - As part of the RIIO: T1 and GD1 price controls, the NIA was introduced. The NIA is a set allowance each RIIO network licensee receives as part of their price control allowance. The NIA provides limited funding to RIIO network licensees to use for two purposes: to fund smaller technical, commercial, or operational projects and to fund the preparation of submissions to the NIC. To read more please see https://www.ofgem.gov.uk/network-regulation-riio-model/network-innovation/gas-network-innovation-allowance

Both the NIC and NIA are gas regulator OFGEM driven to promote innovation.

Pictured: Darren McNeil, Technical Regional Sales Manager for WASK and a National Grid Supervisor

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