Hattersley Helps Kuwait Special Forces Keep Their Cool

August 27, 2009

Hattersley Helps Kuwait Special Forces Keep Their Cool

Hattersley has supplied a range of valves for Kuwait's Special Forces Facility in Sulaibhia which is due to be completed in November 2009.

A number of products have been supplied for the project including Hattersley gate valves, check valves, metering stations, regulating valves, ductile butterfly valves and Y strainers. All the valves and metering stations are for use in the installation and commissioning of the heating, ventilation, air conditioning and cooling (HVAC) system. The HVAC system is part of a KD4.5 million (£9.8 million) construction project.

Day-time temperatures in Sulaibhia reach 45°C in summer, night-time temperatures drop as low as minus 2°C in the winter and desert sandstorms occur throughout the year. It is therefore essential that the HVAC system is robust, able to regulate climatic extremes and cope with external contamination.

Hattersley products were selected because all the valves and metering stations are precision manufactured with proven performance and are designed for pressures of 16 bar and temperature ranges of minus 10°C up to 100°C. The valves will control the flow of hot and chilled water through the HVAC system.

All Hattersley's products specified for the project were supplied via Middle East distributor Rezayat Trading Company Ltd Savio Rodrigues of Rezayat Trading Company said: "In a project of this size it is essential to have precise control over the air quality." The contractor's intention is to provide the most technologically advanced HVAC system available that is energy efficient and maintains premium indoor air quality through adequate ventilation and thermal comfort.

"Hattersley products were specified because they are the most reliable and cost effective product amongst competitors and enable the contractor to install and precisely control the system during commissioning and beyond."

The combination of valves and metering stations will give the contractors the flexibility to separately commission and maintain the heating and cooling systems throughout the facility. The valves and metering stations are compliant with the latest industry standards, including the Water Regulatory Advisory Scheme (WRAS), which are designed to prevent waste and contamination, regulate water consumption and ensure accuracy of measurement.

Hattersely Helps Kuwait

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