India Water Leakage Show 2012

October 4, 2012

India Water Leakage Show 2012


The events were held in two highly populated and industrialised metros, Delhi and Mumbai. Key stake holders in this Industry which includes Government Water Utilities, Engineering Consultants, Infrastructure Contractors, Private Sector  service providers and key manufacturing companies participated in this event. This event focussed and revolved around the 'Leakage' aspect of the Non- Revenue Water. Technical papers, panel discussions, open forum discussions and presentations were all directed at 'Leakage - Prevention, Detection and Repair'
The event targeted how plugging leakages could be the most important aspect in generating revenue for the Utility for self sufficiency. Leak detection and leak repair programmes should be on the priority for Utilities. The papers presented also stressed the increased importance of accountability being brought in the Water Sector in the next 12th Plan. The event also gave glimpses of how Utilities are engaging private partners slowly and gradually to improve the overall governance and quality of service and thereby increasing revenue.  
The technical papers presented by the training experts in this event advised and stressed the use of 'quick and easy to use quality pipe repair products'  Viking Johnson showcased simple and proven solutions to 'Pipe Repair'  in the event of pipe leakage which were a revolution at this show. Viking Johnson presented a paper on how our products can help the industry in earning revenue by plugging leaks in water pipes quickly and efficiently with an expected life expectancy of 50 years. The audience appreciated the solutions available from Viking Johnson and accepted that it was a real eye opener as to how simple and easy repairs could be, using Viking Johnson Products rather than conventional methods. 
 Deepak Sawant (Business Development Manager Utilities - India)

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