New Flow of Fluids TP-410 2018 Edition Now Available

March 20, 2018

New Flow of Fluids TP-410 2018 Edition Now Available

Crane Fluid Handling have announced the availability of the 2018 edition of Flow of Fluids Technical Paper No. 410 (TP-410).

The 2018 edition marks the introduction of a new chapter titled, “Sensible Heat Transfer”. Other entries include enhanced information on Pumps, Control Valves and Flow Meters, as well as an updated bibliography and technical references.

“For 75 years there has been one publication in the fluid handling industry that virtually every engineering professional and student is familiar with, and that is the TP-410,” said Brad Ellis, Senior Vice President - Crane Co. “This publication has been a valuable educational resource in the flow of fluids through valves, pipes and fittings for generations and we are incredibly proud of the contribution it has made to our industry. Equally, Crane is delighted to share the new TP410 updates this year, and we are hoping that the added chapter dedicated to Heat Transfer will prove to be both beneficial and appreciated by the engineering and valve communities worldwide.”

Originally published by Crane Co. in 1942 as The Flow of Fluids handbook, the TP-410 has grown to become a classic guide for plant engineers, technicians, maintenance personnel, plant operators, safety engineers, recent college graduates and sales representatives in the selection of the correct equipment and parameters when designing and operating any piping system. 

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