February 12, 2013

In the current economic climate it’s often difficult to think about the needs of others but one St Helens-based manufacturer is keen to show that the spirit of giving is alive and well.

On Tuesday 29 January representatives from Crane Building Services & Utilities  presented cheques to Meningitis Research Foundation in the North Westand The Neonatal Unit at Wirral Women and Children’s Hospital as part of the company’s  annual charitable giving programme*. 

Each year, Crane staff are invited to nominate local charities which have some form of affiliation to them and their families – particularly smaller ones that provide direct services to the needy and disadvantaged in the areas where they are based. Meningitis Research Foundation was nominated by an employee whose 31 year old son was diagnosed with Meningitisin 2011and subsequently spent 6 weeks in The Royal Preston Hospital undergoing treatment and observation. The charity provided valuable advice and support during a very stressful time. The Crane funds will help to fund their Freephone telephone helpline.

Meningitis Research Foundationhave funded 137 research projects since they were established in 1989 of which 17 are current. In addition to vital vaccine research, this research work has led to many advances such as identifying the early warning symptoms of the diseases, developing a widely used guideline for treating meningitis and septicemia in hospitals and a prevention guideline to reduce cases in newborn babies. The charity also promotes education and awareness amongst health professionals and the public and provides support to those affected by the disease.  Laurie Hannigan, Helpline and Membership Officer said: “We’re so grateful to Crane Building Services & Utilities for their generous donation to Meningitis Research Foundation and this will enable us to continue our vital work into the prevention, detection and treatment of the diseases as well as supporting families affected by them.”

The Neonatal Unit at Wirral Women and Children’s Hospitalwas nominated by an employee whose nephew was successfully treated using the pioneering ‘cooling blanket’ after collapsing at birth.  The Neonatal Unit has 24 cots which enable them to provide specialised care for babies from around 24 weeks of pregnancy.  The priority is to stabilise and investigate the baby’s condition as quickly as possible and to provide expert care and support to the parents.  Wirral University Teaching Hospital NHS Foundation Trust is one of the biggest and busiest acute NHS trusts in the North West region.

Tina Long is Director of Nursing and Midwifery. She said:  “The Trust provides specialist care to premature and sick new babies at what is often a stressful time for families. As such any donation we receive for the unit is always greatly appreciated.”

St Helens based Crane Building Services & Utilities (formerly Delta Fluid Products acquired by Crane Ltd in 2008) is a leading manufacturer of high performance components for the gas and building services sectors.


The Meningitis Research Foundation:

The Neonatal Unit at Wirral Women and Children’s Hospital, Arrowe Park:

*The Crane Fund for Widows and Children makes contributions to charitable organisations that provide assistance to communities where Crane Co. operates.

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