Viking UltraGrip Used In Chessy City Repair

June 20, 2017

Viking UltraGrip Used In Chessy City Repair

Project: Leak repair on DN600 Ductile iron pipe main potable network on Chessy city
Location: Chessy, Outskirts of Paris, France.
Contractor: SAUR secteur Val d’Europe-Magny Le Hongre
Consultant: Val d’Europe Agglomération
Distributor: ALIAXIS Utilities & Industry France
Client: Val d’Europe Agglomération
Specification: 2 Ultragrip Coupling, DN600 size, 7 Bar rating

Used for their high tolerance fitting, two bespoke DN600 UltraGrip couplings rated at 7 bar were used to fix a leak on a residential drinking water network in Chessy, France, close to Disneyland Paris.

The main contractor project manager, Arnaud Tardy, SAUR Val d’Europe - Magny Le Hongre “was really surprised how easy it was to install and efficient in terms of sealing and gripping efficiency for this pipe repair purpose. Its extreme large tolerance was clearly a bonus compared to usual fittings we used to install. We will shortly implement local stock in order to get emergency stock”.  

Viking Johnson Repair at Chessy France

Installed UltraGrip Coupling

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