VJ AquaFast - A New Enhanced Design

August 11, 2014

VJ AquaFast - A New Enhanced Design

Viking Johnson has improved the design features on AquaFast so it is is easier to install on PE & PVC pipe connections, offering an enhanced gripping action with greater flexibility to the user, and also the ability to be installed on oval or coiled pipe.

AquaFast’s unique pressure sealing system offers an enhanced gripping mechanism and end load restraint, resisting pipe pull out. No special skills or tools are required making installation simple and quick.

From start to finish, AquaFast offers benefits to the installer. The fittings come fully assembled; no need to chamfer pipe ends nor use a support liner on PE or thin walled PVC pipe. It can be installed in all weather conditions - there is no need for shelters so it is ideal for on-the spot repairs. And a big plus is it can also be installed on oval or coiled pipe. Click here for more details

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