VJ MaxiFit Helps Fix Major Burst Pipe in Canterbury

June 12, 2014

VJ MaxiFit Helps Fix Major Burst Pipe in Canterbury

Viking Johnson MaxiFit Couplings were used for the emergency repair of a mains pipe which burst at 4am on May 7th in Canterbury. It meant thousands of customers in the city had either no water or low water pressure.

An hour after the burst occurred in Whitehall Road, South East Water had already found the burst and water was being re-routed around the city’s pipeline network enabling the repair to begin soon after.

Remarkably, South East Water restored the supply to all but six houses within only a few hours.

Distribution Manager at South East Water, Tony Hillocks, said:

“We chose MaxiFit because its wide tolerance makes it a great option for repair work such as this where a section of the pipe has to be cut out and replaced.”

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