The Viking Johnson Roadshow Hits The Road

February 1, 2024

In an exciting development for the utilities industry, Viking Johnson has announced the launch of their new Roadshow vehicle.

The Viking Johnson Roadshow brings a comprehensive showcase of Viking Johnson's products, innovations, and industry trends directly to customers' premises.

One of the key highlights of the Roadshow is the interactive demonstrations offered on-site. Equipped with live demonstration benches, visitors will have the opportunity for hands-on experience with Viking Johnson's solutions. Whether it's understanding which products to use for specific repairs or new build applications, or gaining insights into the latest innovations, the Roadshow aims to provide valuable guidance and training.

The Roadshow is staffed by a team of expert sales managers, engineers, and product managers, ensuring customers have direct access to the knowledgeable individuals behind Viking Johnson's products. From product showcases to live demonstrations, attendees can delve into the Viking Johnson range with personalized assistance.

For those interested in hosting the Viking Johnson Roadshow at their location, inquiries can be made through the Roadshow page.

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