Kings Cross Regeneration, London - Gas Distribution & Supply


Contractor: BAM Nuttall Distributor: Burdens Specification: WASK 630mm PECAT Adaptor

National Grid has recently redirected the gas network into the Kings Cross regeneration area, behind Kings Cross Station, in readiness for the largest Governor installation in the UK. Plans for the area include new homes, shops and offices across 20 new streets but work has not yet started.

WASK PECAT Adaptors have been installed in the network, providing high strength transition joints for connecting polyethylene pipes to flanged valves. A number of fittings were delivered to site within tight deadlines to ensure that the project was completed on target.

The PECAT Adaptors are supplied factory assembled (from Hitchin) to a PE tail ready for fusion jointing into the network, which eliminates potential leak paths found in more traditional adaptors. Bolts are stainless steel to avoid corrosion during the lifetime of the fitting.

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