Staffordshire County Council Offices - Building Services - Civic & Public


Contractor: Volker Fitzpatrick M&E Contractor: P&R Morson & RJ Mechanical Distributor: Ashworth, Wednesfield Specification: Range of traditional Hattersley Valves and DPCVs

As part of the regeneration of Stafford town centre, Stafford Place on Tipping Street, includes 158,000ft² of office space for Staffordshire County Council and 13,000ft² of shops and café space. Prior to the start of the build in 2009, vast archaeological excavations took place onsite, uncovering Saxon artefacts and signs of prior settlements. Now the build is complete, 1,750 county council staff have moved from 18 offices throughout the town to this new central office, which comprises two four-storey, fully fitted out buildings.

Hattersley was chosen to supply the valves (traditional and balancing) for both buildings due to their high quality and space-saving. Differential Pressure Control Valves were also installed with the aim of optimising the HVAC system performance. The DPCV is set to a maximum differential pressure, under dynamic balancing conditions, which ensures flow cannot exceed a desired rate. It will therefore help reduce the building’s energy consumption, the risk of noise and will simplify the commissioning process greatly.

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