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Project: Market Weighton, Humberside Fire & Rescue Distributor: Morrison Utilities Client: Yorkshire Water Specification: Viking Johnson Through Bore Hydrant

Humberside Fire & Rescue uses water hydrants to connect to water mains in emergency situations. On route to a scene, the Fire Brigade is able to find out where the nearest hydrant is located and its exact specification so that it can act quickly on arrival. In the Humberside region, the brigade relies on over 300 water hydrants, which are regularly inspected and replaced if necessary. When a hydrant needs to be replaced, the TBH is the hydrant of choice.

The reasons for this are clear. The TBH provides unobstructed vertical access through a standard type 2 fire hydrant allowing for a wide range of activities to be undertaken whilst the main is still under full pressure. For the Fire & Rescue Service, vertical access means that the flow of water is not depressurized by the swan neck incorporated into the design of a traditional hydrant. Neil Mizon, Water Officer & Crew Manager at Humberside Fire & Rescue, commented “We are very pleased with the improved flow and performance of the TBH when compared to the traditional style. We are also benefitting from the reduced potential for product and supply contamination as well as operating cap security.”

For the water utility, pipework inspection, replacement and the monitoring of water quality and flow can be undertaken at full operational pressure. There’s no need for costly mains shutdown thus avoiding notifying each household affected, accepting the loss of treated water and flushing the system through before resuming supply.

Humberside Fire & Rescue, which has been heavily involved in the development and testing of the TBH alongside Viking Johnson, will roll it out across the region and would happily recommend it to neighbouring services.

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