AquaGrip - Transmission Main - Sri Lanka - Water Distribution/ Supply


Project: Laying Transmission Main from Wakwella Treatment Plant to Beeka Reservoir Client: National Water Supply & Drainage Board – Sri Lanka Consultant: Integrated Development Consultants – Sri Lanka (I.D.C.) Contractor: Sanken Lanka Distributor: Lanka Development Network Specification: Viking Johnson AquaGrip for 500mm PE pipe

The project has been funded by the American Red Cross and will see the replacement of the existing old asbestos cement pipeline with a new PE network. The new works will have the added benefit of increasing capacity and providing water supplies for new housing that was built after the devastation of the Tsunami in 2004. The new pipeline is predominately PE but needs to connect to ductile iron flanges at culverts and valve chambers - large diameter AquaGrip is ideally suited for this application.

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