Rossendale - Gas Supply


Project: Rossensale Lancashire Client: Rossendale Borough Council Contractor: National Grid Specification: WASK PECAT range

An influx of investment into the Rossendale region of Lancashire has led to the construction of more homes and

businesses which have stretched the supply of gas. To meet this growing demand, National Grid is extended the

pipeline network by 2.2km over the next 2 years. It is also planning to replace iron gas mains with new plastic

pipes. This will help safeguard existing supplies and connect a wider number of local buildings.

National Grid is using a range of PECAT products, from WASK, to join the new pipework. The PECAT joints are

stronger than the pipes themselves, both initially and after years of service. They will provide National Gas with

secure connections between polyethylene pipes and other pipe materials.

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