Domino's Pizza HQ, Milton Keynes - Building Services - Commercial


Project: Domino's Pizza HQ Client: Domino's Pizza Group Architect: Q2 Architects Mechanical and Electrical Consultant: Couch Perry & Wilkes LLP Contractor: The Buckingham Group Mechanical and Electrical Contractor: Walter Miles Distributor: BSS (Leicester) Ltd. Specification: Crane Fluid Systems' isolation and commissioning valves

Commissioning valve units, strainers and associated products from Crane Fluid Systems have been installed at the commissary recently built for Domino's Pizza Group, the leading pizza delivery company in the UK and Ireland, at West Ashland, Milton Keynes.

The state of the art facility will provide for the planned future growth of Domino's global business. Over 500 of its stores will rely on the new commissary for the fresh dough and other ingredients they need to produce consistently high quality pizzas.

Crane's isolation and commissioning valves will play a vital role in managing energy use within the £20 million building. Boasting a compact, space saving design and fast commissioning, they require fewer on-site joints and thus offer considerable installed cost savings.

Designed by Q2 Architects to the highest environmental standards, the new building's exterior emulates the sleek form of the adjacent MK stadium. It covers an area of some 7,400m2 (80,000ft2) and incorporates production facilities as well as a distribution warehouse.

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