WASK is market leader in the supply of specialist mains, service fittings and pipeline equipment for the global gas distribution market. Innovative and cost effective solutions include riser & lateral systems - a unique modular system for PE pipework enabling gas supply to single and multi occupancy dwellings, pipe jointing technology - with a particular expertise in PE to metal transition fittings, as well as gas maintenance equipment, for teeset drilling & tapping, bagging-off and by-pass. These are all in service in the UK gas sector. | LinkedIn

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AquaStop Teeset Riser Laterals PECAT Flange Adaptor Saddle
Water Equipment Gas Equipment Riser & Lateral System Mains Fittings Service Fittings



Sperryn is a leading supplier of meter installation kits, emergency control valves and regulators for domestic, commercial and industrial applications.

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Industrial Regulators Fire Proof Control Valve Metering
Domestic & Industrial Regulators Valves & Meter Box Adaptors Metering